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Thread: How can I receive temple updates?

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    How can I receive temple updates?

    Q. 01 : How can I receive various temple updates?

    We send temple updates by email.

    Please subscribe at one of the following links,

    Also, mark the various options for receiving updates mentioned in the online form.

    Following are the various options for temple and temple-related projects updates.
    Temple Festivals
    Prerana (For boys btwn 15-30 Yrs)
    Chetana (For girls btwn 15-25 Yrs)
    Journey of Self-Discovery Course
    Activities for children btwn 5-12 Yrs
    Cow Protection
    Vedic Education (Temple BACE) (Register at
    Spiritual Quotes / Stories
    Eco-friendly Farm Projects
    Mid Day Meal (Annamrita)
    Bhaktivedanta Hospital
    Book Distribution

    Q. 02 : How can I receive temple updates by sms / whatsapp?

    Presently we do not have a system of sending temple updates by sms / whatsapp.
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