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Thread: Panihati Chida-dahi Utsava

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    Panihati Chida-dahi Utsava

    This festival is explained in detail in Sri Caitanya-caritamrita (Antya-lila, Chapter 6). Srila Raghunatha dasa Gosvami was previously a householder and wanted to join the personal association and service of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu at Jagannatha Puri. However, his father prevented Raghunatha dasa from doing so. After several failed attempts, Raghunatha dasa heard that Lord Nityananda Prabhu had arrived at Panihati. In order to receive the Lordís causeless mercy, Raghunatha dasa went to take His darsana. When Lord Nityananda saw Raghunatha dasa, He ordered him to prepare and serve all of His associates with chida-dahi, flat rice mixed with yoghurt. In order to please the Lord, Raghunatha dasa immediately carried out His order by preparing and distributing large quantities of chida-dahi to the Vaishnavas as well as hundreds of others who had arrived on the spot upon hearing that a festival was on at Panihati. Finally, Lord Nityananda blessed, and ordered His associates to bless, Raghunatha dasa, that he will be successful in attaining the personal association and service of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

    Panihati is located near Kolkata. Many devotees from Mayapur and Kolkata assemble and jointly conduct kirtanas and massive prasada distribution to the thousands of pilgrims who arrive for the festival.

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    Re: Panihati Chida-dahi Utsava

    Panihati Recipe with Chida and Dahi

    Here is the recipe for a delicious chida-and-dahi preparation in four different flavours for you to celebrate Panihati festival.

    Soaking time: 1 hour

    Serves: Each flavored portion serves 3-4


    Chida [thick rice flakes]: Washed in water.
    Soaked in milk for an hour 350 gms
    Milk: Boiled 500 ml
    Cardamom powder: 2 tsp
    Sugar: 275 gms
    Condensed milk (Amul Mithai Mate): 6 tbsps (for rice flakes soaked in milk)
    Curds: Beaten 500 ml
    Honey: 3 tbsps (for rice flakes soaked in milk)

    For flavoring:

    Jamun: Puree 2 tbsps
    Jackfruit: Diced 2 tbsps
    Mango: Diced 2 tbsps
    Banana: Mashed 2 whole
    Rasgulla: Pista stuffed 5-6


    For milk soaked rice flakes:

    Soak rice flakes in very hot milk for an hour along with sugar and cardamom powder.
    Once the rice flakes soaked in milk have come to room temperature add condensed milk, curds and honey to it. Mix well to combine. At this point we need to divide the chida mix into 4 equal portions for flavoring.
    Now add each of the fruits (mango, jackfruit, banana and jamun puree) into each of the portions i.e., each fruit gets one portion of rice flake mix. Mix well to combine.
    You can drop in some pista stuffed rasgullas in one of the portions and serve cold.

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