Hare Krishna,

Govardhan School of Yoga at Govardhan Eco Village organises YOG UTSAV- a Festival for all age groups on occasion of International Yoga day

Please join to experience the Joy with your family and specially children and participate in some engaging 'KARMA YOGA' on the fields and with the cows , dive deep in Vedic philosophy with some Enlightening 'JNANA YOGA' Learn to find your body- mind- connect with some exciting ' ASHTANGA YOGA' and charge your soul with some Enlivening 'BHAKTI YOGA' in the Vrindavan forest of Grace.

*Features of the Celebrations*

- Asana & Pranayamas - getting the Basics right

- Meditation and chants on the mountain top

- Relaxation therapy- Yoga Nidra

- Aqua yoga and water sports

- Soul charging Kirtans and Dance

- Wisdom talks- Little Yogi in the Modern City

- Bhagavad-Gita- Discover the Yoga ladder as Lord krishna taught Arjuna in this ancient Vedic classic in a contemporary way for modern thinkers

- Yoga Therapy- Miracle Cow

- Heritage Culture- Temples of Vrindavan

- Nature walk- Vrindavan forest

-Yoga and Eco warrior games for Adults and Children

- Vedic sports in Kids zone for small children

- Govardhan Eco village tour and Rural development initiatives

Day visit- 22 June, Saturday/ 23 June sunday
Timings-8 am to 7 pm

Donations towards program- Rs.750/- per person- includes breakfast,lunch and Evening refreshments

Overnight stay- 22 June, Saturday 10 am to 23 June Sunday 4 pm- includes 5 meals.

Donation toward program-
RS 1500 (triple sharing NON AC Room)
RS 1900 (twin sharing NON AC Room)
RS 2300 (4 in AC Room)

For Registration, Queries and Travel assistance- +91 8451868193 /+91 8291901166/ +91 9820900635

Thank you

Priya chaitanya das
Govardhan School of Yoga
Govardhan Eco village