Killing of Aghasura

There was a demon by the name Aghasura who was a friend of Kamsa and the younger brother of Putana and Bakasura. Aghasura was a very cruel demon and because Krishna had killed both his brother and sister, he was determined to take revenge. Kamsa also had encouraged him. So Aghasura made a plan to kill all the children of Vrindavana including Krishna and Balarama.

'When the children are killed, all the inhabitants of Vrindavana would automatically die.' - Thinking like this/ he took the form of a gigantic snake by mystic power and sat on the path where the cowherd boys would come. His mouth was wide open and it looked like a large cave. When the boys saw this gigantic form stretching above the clouds/ they were very astonished.
But they were all completely fearless, because they knew that their friend Krishna was always there to protect them. So they all entered the mouth of the serpent, along with their calves. Isn't it wonderful that although Kamsa, who had the strength of 10,000 male elephants was always afraid of death, these simple cowherd friends of Krishna were so fearless! That is the position of the pure devotee - because he has complete faith in Krishna's protection, he has no anxiety and is always joyful. When Krishna saw that His friends had entered the belly of the demon and were in danger, He became aggrieved. Although He was the supreme lord, He was concerned about his simple cowherd boyfriends. So to save all of them He also entered the mouth of the demon.

Immediately the demon shut his mouth and started to smash the boys and Krishna, but Krishna started to expand Himself within the demon's throat. Although Aghasura was so huge, he started to suffocate when Krishna expanded and being unable to breathe, his life air burst through his head. A dazzling light came out from his body and merged into Krishna's. Then by His merciful glance alone Krishna revived all the boys and calves.

Aghasura represents cruelty and violence to others, the tendency to cause trouble to others due to envy and unwilling to help others by giving them Krishna consciousness.

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