Everyday the cowherd boys would go to the bank of River Yamuna to water the cows and rest. One day while they were sitting on the bank, suddenly a huge, duck-like animal appeared there. He was as big as a hill and his name was Bakasura. He was a friend of Kamsa and immediately he attacked Krishna with his sharp beaks, and swallowed Him. When Balarama and the cowherd boys saw that Krishna, who was their very life and soul, was swallowed by a demon, they became breathless as if they had died.

But as Bakasura was trying to swallow Krishna, he suddenly started to feel as if his whole throat was burning. This was due to Krishna's glowing effulgence. He thought Krishna to be merely a young cowherd boy. He could not recognize Him as the Supreme Lord, the creator of the universe. He threw Krishna out and tried to kill Him by pinching Him in his beaks. But Krishna immediately caught hold of the beaks of the great gigantic duck and bifurcated his mouth, just as a child easily splits a blade of grass. Thus Bakasura was killed.

Bakasura represents cunning duplicity, deceptive behavior and hypocrisy, the outward manifestations of a false lifestyle of cheating activities.

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