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Greetings from Govardhan School of Yoga at Govardhan Eco Village.

Govardhan School of Yoga video- it's philosophy and practice

Certified courses in the month of December 2019

Yoga Teacher training course - A lifestyle enhancement course - December 2-29

Yoga Anubhav - A course for beginners - December 2-9

Kids Yoga Teacher training course - empowering child educators to teach yogic practices to children - December 1-10

Gita and Yoga sutra course - An in depth understanding on the science of Yoga - December 11-20

Women's wellness workshop - Panch kosha sadhana for women - December 21-25

Yoga nidra course - Mastering the art of yogic sleep - relaxation therapy - December 21-25

Winter holidays Children Yoga Retreat -
Residential camp to empower school children physically, emotionally, culturally & spiritually.
Children will participate in exciting Ashtanga yoga, enlightening Jnana yoga, engaging Karma yoga & enlivening Bhakti Yoga.
Through Yogic practices, funfilled vedic games, spiritual techniques & various interactive sessions they will learn valuable lessons and develop concentration, sincerity, discipline, creativity & friendliness
Age group-8-14 years
Date- 25-29 December

Gita and Yoga weekend retreat on occasion of Gita Jayanti - Take a break and give yogic lifestyle a try and learn the basics of yogic practices, yoga sutras and Bhagavad Gita
December 7-8

For Registration and more details contact -9769436934/ 9424273957
E-mail- Yoga@ecovillage.org.in

Priya chaitanya das
Govardhan School of Yoga

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Preview YouTube video The Philosophy & Practice of Yoga | By Gauranga Das

The Philosophy & Practice of Yoga | By Gauranga Das